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Spiritual Advisor

Balance yourself with the universe

Thank you for your interest in Spiritual Advisor!

Using the ancient African traditional system of Ifa, practiced by the Yoruba tribe for thousands of years, it is possible to alter the chaos in your life and find balance and harmony within the universe. All problems can be solved, with Ifa there's always a solution.

Where ever you may be on your spiritual path, at Spiritual Advisor you will find supportive advice. Ifa is universal, regardless of your religious inclinations. There's always a way with Ifa. Through readings Ifa strives to maintain balance in your life and convert imbalances to balanced harmony within the universe using:

Prayers (to the universal power of God and intermediary Orisha's, Angels, Elohim etc); Spiritual Baths and Cleansings; Candle-burning; Libations; Specified Ceremonies and Rituals are used towards aligning you with the universe.

There are many ways to balance you: "Matter cannot be destroyed, but converted" See how Ifa converts your dis-harmony into harmony.

Spiritual readings by Baba Solomon, Ifa priest